I live in a gypsy waggon. -Sage
This is the little house. It is great to live in.

Living in a tiny house is great. You use a lot less energy to heat the space. You have less space to acquire clutter. You are forced to be organized. You are mobile. The entire house cost me $4,000 to build (plus weekends for 4 months). Real estate is priced out of range of a lot of people. But wheel estate is accessible. I love living in a quiet, lovely small house of my own making.
this is a song i wrote about it

Used to be, i just paid the rent .. worked hard for that money, it wasn't heaven sent .. years and years went by and i just paid and paid .. landlord got fat and happy .. man he had it made .. Then one day on the 4th of July, i got me some ideas, i got some wheels of steel ..

Don't you even think of telling me to move out of the house that i built with my own two hands.

I lived in a 12 by 12 foot room and it wasn't even funny how every month would end and he'd just come round for the money .. it seemed to me a losing game i didn't want to play .. so i got me this idea and i went on my way .. i built me a home out of wood and steel and asphalt and wires, and the dream was real! ...

Don't you even think of telling me to move out of the house that i built with my own two hands!

I recently put in a woodstove. Here is a story about it.

this is a show by Derek Diedricksen:
this is the kitchen window sill

this is the kitchen area

the Selva guitar #5, grain pantry, and the door

a cozy place to sleep, with stars above

I made the bed today.

Nice misty morning today.

Water, sun, fig tree, instruments.

I hope that this website can become a useful source for people who are thinking about a more gypsy-esque lifestyle... voluntary simplicity... small house design... There are several people who are building small houses commercially, and there is a movement of sorts that is taking off. Perhaps this little website will become a little hub for the discussion of many issues.

I also make guitars!
I also do carpentry!

RelaxShacks.com (Derek Diedricksen's site)
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